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Adventure boats
Adventure is a word that brings to mind excitement, discovery and thoughts of places still to visit good times with family and friends a gateway to fun, relaxation and pleasure. This has always been the vision of the Adventure Company, who, by bringing together the finest materials, design and technology have created the very best inflatable and RIB boats available. Boats that not only look good, but which perform faultlessly and go on performing, for year after year after year.
For over 15 years, ADVENTURE LTD. has manufactured inflatable boats by high frequency welding method. Our long tradition and comprehensive know how, have given us a solid reputation as specialists in advanced technical solutions. Our products and processes are often first in the field of PVC welding. With years of experience and continuous research, ADVENTURE has developed a wide range of inflatable boats for various applications.
Maximal reliability
Exclusive design, maximal reliability, large buoyancies tubes, not big weight, easy and fast assembly and disassembly, strong packaging are the principal features of the all ADVENTURE boats. All the elements and materials are designed to be extremely strong and reinforced, which is the best guaranty of long lifetime.
All boats are made by welding method, which meets to all the relevant requirements of the Recreational Craft Directive; (Directive 94/25/CE).
ADVENTURE boats are not afraid of overheating from the sun or excessive loads, and are designed for the most demanding boaters who require modularity, safety and seaworthiness from their boats, but never renounce to the prestige of having boat with a unique design and technical features. The boats are made to satisfy all the necessary requirements of safety on the water.