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Adventure design and build boats without compromise, ensuring absolute satisfaction from their users. The material used in all of their tenders, speedboats and RIBs is a premium-quality material which is not only extraordinarily tough; it is also perfectly at home in extremes of temperature and rough conditions. Virtually unaffected by ultra-violet light, fuels and oils, this German multi-layer material is perfectly suited to the construction technique employed exclusively by Adventure - the Thermowelding process. High-frequency welding is used to permanently bond all parts of the boat's structure. The result? A boat with seams and tubes that are virtually indestructible, and which will be as good as new many years after the Five Year warranty has expired.
All parts of the Adventure boat, once joined, remain that way – permanently. No matter how severe the usage, no matter what the conditions, the utter reliability of an Adventure boat is guaranteed.
Technology of thermal welding
Adventure's engineers have developed the original technology of thermal welding. To obtain the ultra-high quality and standards of welding they desired and demanded, they designed and built high-frequency equipments that would produce welded seams considered by critical experts to be amongst the strongest in the world, and the Company and its engineers are justifiably proud to have developed a process which ensures that every Adventure boat is of immense strength and practically indestructible; their process is the hallmark of the Company. Indeed, the strength of every seam on an Adventure boat is two to 3 times stronger than the actual material itself, easily able to handle the sudden stresses that can develop when using a boat in difficult conditions, and unaffected by the effects of overheating in harsh, direct sunlight. The engineers and designers constantly strive to further improve what is already the most advanced seam welding process obtainable. Other forms of this welding are being actively developed, unique to the Adventure Company. Adventure demands the ultimate strength from their boats. You should demand no less.
The Adventure range embraces tenders, solid decks, air-decks and RIB boats; whether you are a professional or commercial user, require a boat as a tender, need a boat for fishing or fun and relaxation or maybe wish to ski, and seek the high-speed thrills of a RIB, there is sure to be a boat which satisfies your requirements perfectly.
Reasonably priced
No matter which Adventure boat you choose, the same painstaking care in design, development and construction, backed by on-going research into materials and technology, will guarantee the utter dependability and durability of your boat. Adventure's engineers and designers never rest to ensure that you can; enabling you to enjoy your boating experience with absolute confidence, and take advantage of carefree days on the water in a boat which is extraordinarily stable and safe, coupled with a high performance.
The finest boats require and deserve the finest accessories. Adventure's boats are highly specified, and are supplied with a very full complement of accessories. For instance, Adventure believes that every inflatable and RIB boat should be supplied as standard with full perimeter protection – so every boat we manufacture is so equipped. This costly moulding, applied around the entire outer perimeter of the boat, not only protects against scrubbing and abrasion; it also forces water downward when the boat is under way, thus helping ensure that an Adventure boat remains dry inside.